As an Academic Counselor at Leaders Fitness Academy, your primary responsibility will be to provide academic guidance and support to students pursuing fitness and wellness education. You will play a critical role in helping students navigate their educational journey, ensuring they make informed decisions and achieve their academic and career goals.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Provide personalized academic counseling to students, assisting them in selecting appropriate courses, programs, and educational paths that align with their fitness and wellness career aspirations.
  • Offer guidance and support to students facing academic challenges, helping them overcome obstacles and develop strategies for success.
  • Assist students in identifying and pursuing fitness-related career opportunities, including providing information on job prospects, industry trends, and networking opportunities.
  • Stay informed about the academy’s fitness and wellness programs, admission requirements, and course offerings to provide accurate information to prospective and current students.
  • Guide prospective students through the enrollment process, including application submission, financial aid options, and any other required documentation.
  • Monitor student progress, including academic performance and attendance, and identify areas where additional support may be needed.
  • Organize and participate in events, workshops, and seminars to promote student engagement, personal development, and career readiness.
  • Maintain accurate records of student interactions, academic plans, and relevant data for reporting and analysis.
  • Assist in resolving academic-related disputes or conflicts between students, faculty, or staff members.
  • Ensure that all academic counseling activities adhere to relevant regulations, policies, and ethical standards.